13 Curious Facts You Did Not Know About Australian Kelpies

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In this time we are going to reveal 13 facts that you may not know about Australian kelpies.

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The Kelpie Origin

Number One, The Origin of the Kelpie. Very little is known about the real origin of Australian Kelpies.

Its history is not widely recorded. However, it is known that their offspring are attributed to Scottish dogs, that is, they are closely related to the different types of Collie.

Australian kelpie dog

The ancestors of these dogs were brought to Australia for herding activities. In those times the numerous herds required dogs with remarkable skills for this trade. The Collie of course, excelled at it.

However, in the search to improve the skills of these dogs, it was concluded that English collies were crossed with other breeds.

Kelpie sydney

In one of these attempts, a little dog named Kelpie was born, which was the first of this canine breed. This Kelpie was born at the end of the 19th century.

The name "Kelpie" is inspired by a "mythological legend about a water spirit that lives in the form of a horse",

According to Scottish legends, this spirit protected the rivers and lakes of the region. A mythological being who is also named in Scandinavian mythology, by the name of Bäckahästen.

Although they referred to a majestic white horse that attracted men and took them to the bottom of the rivers without being seen again.

Australian Kelpie personality

Number 2: The Kelpie is a breed with an exceptionally high IQ and can do a lot of mischief if left to its own devices.

Kelpie is one of the most sought after breeds in countries like Australia and other areas. It is their wonderful temperament that makes them an exceptional pet.

Kelpie Information

They are quite energetic dogs, very dynamic as well as exceptional collaborators. Any tasks they are given are immediately obeyed. Their intelligence is another one of their admirable qualities.

They are obedient, affectionate and very cheerful. It is an ideal pet in homes where there are children, with whom it will surely get along very well and will always remain playful.

Physical Characteristics of the Australian Kelpie

Number 3: The Kelpie is a medium breed dog, cunning like a fox, whose body even resembles. Its weight is around 12 and 22 kg. The breed standard says the following about their size: males 46 to 51 cm and females 43 to 48 cm. The physical aspect reveals an athletic, muscular dog with a well-proportioned body. Characteristic of herding dogs that generally have great physical dexterity.

Why Choose An Australian Kelpie Dog?

Number 4: Veterinarian Elizabeth Arnott, of Quirindi, in western New South Wales, Australia, states that there are up to 300,000 dogs working in the bush and that 60 percent of them are kelpies.

Kelpie Working

Other Important Information about Australian Kelpies

Number 5: They are workaholics and possess surprising stamina.

Number 6: Approximately 100,000 Kelpie are known to graze in Australia and the rest of the world.

Kelpies Guardians and Protectors

Kelpie Information

Number 7: The kelpie is always on high alert.

Number 8 : They are avid, hardworking and highly intelligent, but have a very docile and manageable character.

Number 9 : The kelpie is practically inexhaustible, and its sense of loyalty and duty is sharpened. Born with a natural instinct and aptitude for working with sheep and other herding animals.

Number 10 : In Australia these dogs work all day long in the intense heat covering areas of 2000 hectares+. It is amazing to watch them work.

Australian Kelpie working dog

Number 11 : They are able to guide thousands of sheep to the corral or to the trucks. If he manages to gather the herd well, he will look for the shortest way to reach his goal.

Number 12 : It has a double coat that protects it from inclement weather, although it is short and dense.

Number 13 : Kelpies tend to excel in all dog sports, especially activities such as fly ball. Obedience is the main virtue of Kelpies dogs.

kelpie pure breed

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