In this post we will talk specifically about the love of dogs

First of all .. What is love?

For me love is one of the most powerful feelings that exists in this world and at all levels, love is an energy that improves everything around us.

In some religions they say that love makes us come closer to God, and that when we feel love towards something or someone we connect directly with our God, or with the creator fountain.

the creator fountain

In the course of our lives, we humans come to love many animals and especially dogs.

Although many times, we do not even realise that this love energetically elevates us or increases our positive energy, that is, it raises our vibration and increases the love in our soul.

When we share moments with our dogs, many times, our minds simply disconnect from the outside world, and we let ourselves be carried away by that wonderful inner emotion that we call love, a pure love that makes us feel constantly good.

the magic energy from the dogs

That is why if you feel lonely or lonely, or your soul is locked in sadness, depression or negativity, I assure you that you can change that low state, when you make the decision to adopt or buy a dog. But above all, never doubt this ... a dog will always love you unconditionally, care for, respect and above all, it will fill you with happy moments every day.

Love for My Dog, my Friend

I love my dog ​​friend because every day he fills me with kisses and wags his tail to show me how happy he is to see me, it doesn't matter if I have washed my face, or I haven't taken a bath for 3 days, it doesn't matter if I'm sad or with stress, my dog ​​is always ready to support me, take care of me, fill me with love and good times.

I love my dog ​​as if he were part of my family, or of me, I love my dog ​​because he never judges me and because he is good for my health. My dog ​​helps to raise the serotonin levels in my mind with his positive energy and also, he is always alert to give me happy moments.

Dogs for Sale

I love my dog ​​friend because he is beautiful and look like an angel who has come to this world with the mission of making me smile, make me happy and fill me with love.

And you ..? How much do you love your friend Dog?

Dogs bring us unlimited positive emotions and large doses of happiness. I invite you to try and tell me about your experience with dogs.

I have 4 dogs that fill me with love and good times every day. And that is why I show my love to my canine pets when I give them the best food.

My dogs eat raw meat, vegetables, fruits and a good feed, complete with vitamins and minerals for good digestion and bones development.

Because I want my dogs to always feel happy, healthy and strong every day.

I also love buying toys for my dogs and seeing how they enjoy those toys and the best treats.

I love my dog ​​and take care of him inside and out

After trying several brands of dog food and seeing that many are not of quality, because they do not provide the energy and vitamins necessary for my dogs to have a healthy digestion, I decided to try the brand "Ivory Coat Dry Dog Food" because it has high-quality ingredients and because I can buy large bags at the best price in the "City Country Pets" store in Penrith, Australia, which also has the online store:

I have taken advantage of this discount of -25% on its price for large bags of 18 kg.


The highly recommended food to improve and balance the intestinal health of dogs.

I buy all the food, toys, collars and leashes for my dogs at because they always give me discounts for the next order and free gifts for my pets.

Whar about you? Tell us your story with your dog friend.

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