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The Multi Magnetic system has a similar action to that of an electromagnetic door, however, does not have the problems associated with electromagnetic doors, such as battery failure or electrical failure. No batteries are required, resulting in lower running costs by avoiding inconvenient battery replacement. Your pet will not be locked out or in, due to flat batteries or electrical failure.

The door flap is manufactured from Bayer high impact Polycarbonate. This high impact material is also used for bullet-proof vests and aircraft windows. A four way manual locking system is provided to allow the owner flexibility with the pets movements. In-only position will allow your cat entry but prevent your cat from leaving. Out-only position will allow your cat to leave the house but prevent the cat from re-entry. It will also help to keep stray cats from entering. The locked position will prevent the pet from both entry and exit. The In and Out position will allow both entry and exit.

The all New Multi Magnetic System, eliminates costly battery replacement and any electrical maintenance.
No more locked out pets due to battery failure.
Helps keeps stray cats out.
Generous flap size 170mm x 155mm (6 3/4” x 6 3/8”).
Made from Bayer high impact Polycarbonate and Lustran Plastics.
No maintenance.
3 year warranty.
Self lining door.
Fits glass, also double glazed panels.
Stainless steel screws (no rusting).
Weather seal to reduce draughts.
Self closing magnetic location.
Four way locking system for manual use if required.In, out, in & out and locked.
Suits cats.
UV stabilised. Simple 4 way locking provides complete control of your cat’s movements
Cutout 245mm diameter(9 11/4”)
Contact a professional glazier for fitting